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My Story

Laurie's Before and After

My Story

Are you a busy woman trying to find the time and energy to live a healthier lifestyle? I can relate because I sure was!

In April 2015, I made a life changing decision. I was 43 years old, a wife, mother of two daughters and a small business owner. I knew I was not living a healthy lifestyle. I did not take the time or effort to exercise, or eat healthy. As I became increasingly overweight, I felt as though my life was out of control & it was time to make my health a priority.

I decided to meet with a personal trainer & started boxing with him for 1/2 hour 1x per week. In addition, I started walking one mile 3x per week, and started eating healthy foods. As I saw results, I continued to increase my frequency and intensity of my workouts. I began to enjoy working out because it reduced my stress level and helped me to focus better in my daily activities.

Since I began this lifestyle change, I lost 28 lbs and over 8% body fat! It’s not an overnight process to change a lifestyle, it’s an ongoing process. I hope to inspire others and that is why I chose to become a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. Anything is possible if your willing to work hard to make a permanent lifestyle change. My life has changed in so many ways… not only physical changes to my appearance, but more importantly, I have gained confidence and a feeling of determination to be the best version of myself in my everyday life.

Let me help you find the best version of yourself and we can achieve this by working together.

Laurie Rodrigues
Founder/ Owner
The Colorful Palate