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Clients testimonials

I'm inspired by Laurie's passion for health and drive for nutrition. She offered her guidance at a time in my journey when I truly needed it, so I'm very excited to work with her. After only one session with Laurie, I could sense that she was going to be a great influence on my health, self esteem, and well being.
Christine D.
Since meeting with Laurie, I've lost weight and started to live a healthier lifestyle. We have set my goals and I am confident I'll achieve them with her advice and consistent follow up.
Fida S. Testimonial
The Coloful Palate provides a personable and warm support system to help you live the healthiest version of yourself. I met with the owner, Laurie based on my convenience to talk about easy changes I can make in my kitchen to make better nutrition choices. Prior to the meeting, she gave me a super helpful handout to get me [food] prepped. I would definitely recommend checking out The Colorful Palate's services if you are looking to take that next step in living a healthier and more natural lifestyle!
Kirsten N.
I would recommend The Colorful Palate's Track Your Lifestyle program very highly to anyone looking to make a commitment to health for the long term. Laurie has a wealth of knowledge and a motivating style that I truly believe would be the right fit for anyone who desires a positive change in their overall wellbeing.
Nancy B.
I had a great experience with Laurie. She is very knowledgable and uses life experiences to educate and motivate you to eat healthy by managing stress through goal setting. She set small attainable weekly goals that helped me to stay motivated throughout our time together. My goals were met and I continue to use these methods as now it is a part of my lifestyle. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to eat healthier and manage stress to improve your overall health & wellness.
Rita M.
Laurie understands that each person's journey towards a healthier lifestyle is unique and she takes the time to get to know her clients in an effort to design the best program for them. She utilizes both her education and her own personal experiences to understand and customize the best approach for each individual. Her interest in and passion for guiding people towards a healthy lifestyle is truly inspirational.
Sue S.